Grad Refinance Loan ™

10-Year Fixed Rate

% APR4

(with auto pay)

15-Year Fixed Rate

% APR4

(with auto pay)

You can save up to $17,300 with our rate.5

"The personal touch really made a difference with CommonBond."

– Tom '13, CommonBond borrower

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Favorable Loan Terms

Low Fixed Rates With auto pay for approved loans
10 or 15-Year Term 10 and 15-year loan terms available
No Penalty Pre-pay without penalty
Deferral Available Protect against hardship
Consolidation Refinance up to $220,000

Are You Eligible?

Residency Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
Network Schools & Degrees Need to have graduated from one of our network schools with an eligible degree
Credit History Credit history and other credit factors will be considered

How the Grad Refinance Loan™ Works

Get Started

Applying is easy and only takes 10 minutes to see if you're credit approved. We ask for basic information like name, address, email, and what school you attended.

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Credit Check

After your credit gets pulled, if all is good, you’ll be shown a fixed rate of 6.24% for the 10-year loan or 6.74% for the 15-year loan. (Note: when you sign up for auto pay, your rate goes down by 0.25%.)

Credit Report - Approved?
Upload Documents

Next, we need to check out a few docs. You can send screenshots or pictures from your phone!

(Note: it sometimes takes up to 5 business days to verify these docs on our end.)

Pay Stub or Tax Returns
Pay Stubs or Tax Returns
Diploma or Transcript
Diploma or Transcript
Student Loan Bank Statement
Student Loan Bank Statement
Proof of Residence and/or ID
Proof of Residence and/or ID
E-Sign Loan

At this point you can e-sign a few loan documents and...

BOOM! You're now a part of the CommonBond community of borrowers.

Save Money!

The final step is for us to pay off your existing lenders and save you money! This takes about 2 weeks from the time you accept the loan. Don't forget to sign up for automatic payments and lower your rate to 5.99% (10-year fixed rate) or 6.49% (15-year fixed rate)!


Pay Less With CommonBond

More than Just a Loan

Building a Stronger Community

We actively connect you to a unique and powerful community of students & graduates, investors, and accomplished professionals through thoughtful introductions and community events.

Driving Social Good

With our one-for-one model, for every degree fully funded on our platform, we pay for a year's worth of tuition for a student in need abroad.