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Rates start as low as 1.94% APR (with auto pay discount).4

"It was very easy to go through the CommonBond website and apply for the loan."

– Chan '13, CommonBond borrower

Rates and Terms

Choose the loan that works best for you and your situation.

Variable Rates Icon

Variable Rates4

1.94% APR
4.93% APR

(with auto pay discount)

  • Lowest rate available
  • Rates are tied to 1-month LIBOR
Fixed Rates Icon

Fixed Rates4

3.74% APR
6.49% APR

(with auto pay discount)

  • Rates and payments never change
  • Lock in a low rate
Hybrid Rates Icon

Hybrid Rates4

4.14% APR
5.64% APR

(with auto pay discount)

  • Low, fixed rate for the first 5 years

  • Variable rate for the last 5 years
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Loan Features

  • Consolidate your loans

    Consolidate all of your grad and undergrad loans into one monthly payment.

  • Unemployment protection

    If you hit hard times you may be eligible for forbearance and can temporarily postpone making loan payments.

  • No pre-pay penalty

    You can prepay the loan or pay more than the minimum payment amount with no penalty.

  • No origination fee

    No origination fee. No hidden fees. No fees. Period. You get the picture.

  • Easy 7-minute application

    Apply in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

  • CommonBridge

    If you lose your job, we'll help you find a new one.

How the Grad Refinance Loan™ Works

Get Started

Applying is easy and only takes 7 minutes to see if you're credit approved. We ask for basic information like name, address, what school you attended and job info.

Apply Online
Credit Check

After your credit gets pulled, if all is good, you’ll be shown your rate for the loan product you selected. (Note: the rate you are shown includes a 0.25% discount that you can get when you sign up for auto pay.)

Credit Report - Approved?
Upload Documents

Next, we need to check out a few docs. You can send screenshots or pictures from your phone!

(Note: it sometimes takes up to 5 business days to verify these docs on our end.)

Pay Stub or Tax Returns
Pay Stubs or Tax Returns
Diploma or Transcript
Diploma or Transcript
Student Loan Bank Statement
Student Loan Bank Statement
Proof of Residence and/or ID
Proof of Residence and/or ID
E-Sign Loan

At this point you can e-sign a few loan documents and...

BOOM! You're now a part of the CommonBond community of borrowers.

Save Money!

The final step is for us to pay off your existing lenders and save you money! This takes about 2 weeks from the time you accept the loan. Don't forget to sign up for auto pay and lower your rate by 0.25%!


Common Questions

  1. What's better: a fixed or variable rate loan?
  2. Is the rate the same for all graduates or do they vary based on credit score?
  3. Can I prepay my loan in full or partially, without incurring a penalty?

Still Have Questions?

Speak with someone on our Care Team, or check out the FAQ and Glossary pages.


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