How to Live Your Life While Paying Down Student Debt


The amount of student loan debt that some recent graduates hold has become so high for some that it’s causing them to put major life events on hold. A recent survey by CommonBond, for example, measured the impact of student debt on millennials and found that 69% are delaying buying a home, while 45% are […]

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A Former Personal Banker Shares Her Top Money Management Lessons

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When I turned 22, shortly after completing my undergraduate degree in 2009, I came to a stark realization: I knew very little about money, despite having taken out $138,000 in private student loans to pay for my Bachelors in Psychology from Agnes Scott College, a private university in Atlanta, GA. The extent of what I […]

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How the Challenges of Being an Entrepreneur Proved the Value of Getting an MBA


After three years of working in investment banking, I left my job in 2012 to pursue something entirely different: I co-founded an online platform for planning and joining social activities. After about a year of working on the company, in mid-2013, I began to feel ill-equipped for the challenges of building my own business. My […]

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How to Survive Your First Year as an MBA: Q&A with Comedian and Author Paul Ollinger

Paul Ollinger

It’s mid-August. If you’re preparing to start an MBA program this fall, you’re probably feeling some degree of anxiety and uncertainty about what to expect in your first semester. Well, stop worrying. We sat down with Paul Ollinger, comedian and author of You Should Totally Get an MBA, and he offered some sound (and funny) […]

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Moving On In: How to Save Money While Living at Home and Paying Your Student Loans


If your current residence is your parents’ basement or your former bedroom surrounded by relics from your childhood, you’re not alone. The proportion of 18- to 34-year-olds living with their parents grew from 22% in 2007 to 26% in 2015, even as unemployment numbers for this age group dropped. So what’s to blame? Not surprisingly, […]

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Parents with Student Loans: How to Pay Down Debt While Achieving Your Financial Goals

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Student debt isn’t just a millennial problem. Many baby boomers and Generation Xers are finding themselves in a position where they have to take on student debt to help their children pay for college or graduate school — in many cases before they’ve paid off their own student loans. In fact, more than one-third of […]

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How Should I Pay for My MBA?


If you’re getting ready to start business school and are feeling confused about the different MBA student loan options, we don’t blame you. With so many types of loans out there, the right one for you depends on many different things. That’s why we created the infographic below — so we can walk you through your options and […]

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How Interning at a Startup Helped Me Figure Out What I Want To Be When I Grow Up


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Even as a young girl, I panicked whenever someone asked me this question. When eager adults asked, I’d share a default answer, one that transformed as I got older. At different points as I grew up, that answer would be “movie director”, “stay-at-home mom”, “professor”, […]

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