Startups, Career Coaching and Social Impact — Weekend Reads


CNBC: How CommonBond made it in personal finance CommonBond CEO and Co-Founder David Klein discussed why he chose to start a business, how to pitch investors and how to deal with rejection as a startup founder. “The reason I stumbled upon the idea for CommonBond is precisely because I went back to business school. I […]

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CommonBond Member Aims to Raise $30,000 for Pencils of Promise


As a CommonBond member, I won the opportunity to go to Ghana with CommonBond and Pencils of Promise (PoP) last October to see, firsthand, the impact of CommonBond’s Social Promise: for every loan CommonBond funds, the company funds the education of a child in need. The Ghana trip was an amazing experience. I travelled with CommonBond […]

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Refinancing My Student Loans Gave Me the Freedom to Become an Entrepreneur


It took a sudden job loss for me to reevaluate my career as a pharmacist and consider starting my own business. I didn’t know it at the time, but that job loss was a blessing in disguise. In 2014, I had to scrape together a series of part-time gigs after losing my job as a […]

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Leadership, Income, and Goals – Weekend Reads

vacation commonbond loans

Forbes: 5 Great Ways to Hack your Leadership Style One of the best ways to become a great leader is self-awareness. But, these 5 tips can help you hack your way to becoming the best leader possible – and not all of them are intuitive. Should you be nice? Read this article to find out. […]

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3 Tips to Wipe Out Medical School Debt


More than 85% of medical school graduates have some kind of educational debt, according to the American Medical Student Association. Med school debt can be a burden for years, and it can feel like you’ll never get on top of it. But you can — it just takes a little discipline. “If people just live […]

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How to Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean Square

Cleaning out your closet and channeling your inner Marie Kondo on that first warm spring day can leave you feeling invigorated and ready for the season. Or maybe you see it as just another dirty task that needs to be done. Either way, while you’re on a roll de-cluttering your home to prepare for spring, […]

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3 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score


Move over GPA, there’s another number that has an even greater effect on your lifestyle and future now that you’re out in the real world—your credit score. That 3-digit number—calculated based on your credit mix, payment history and debt load—plays a key role in determining your ability to borrow money, get a new credit card, […]

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How to Save for a Home When You Have Student Debt


If you’re saddled with student debt, you may feel like you’ll never be able to afford a home. You’re not alone: nearly 70% of millennials recently surveyed by CommonBond said they are delaying buying a home because of their student loan debt. But the notion that you can’t make major life moves until you pay off […]

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