How to Raise Startup Capital in a Tough Funding Environment


Originally published on It has been a challenging fundraising environment for startups in 2016. After years of strong venture financing activity, equity capital has grown scarcer: investment in U.S. venture-backed companies dropped 30% from Q2 ’15 to Q1 ’16. Companies of scale in my industry of online lending, for example, made more than 10 fundraising […]

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Why I’m Traveling to Ghana to Spread Access to Quality Education

Erica Swallow Ghana CommonBond

This is the first in a series of blog posts from each of the CommonBond members and employees who will join us on our second-annual trip to Ghana to see CommonBond’s Social Promise in action. Read posts by each member and employee who is taking the trip to understand why the trip is important to them and what they are […]

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How My Political Career Prepared Me for My Job in Fintech

KB Linkedin

My decision to leave a rewarding career in Washington, D.C. to take a job in business development for a fintech startup in New York City left many of my friends and colleagues a bit mystified. “Are you really sure you want to do that?” one friend said. “There’s not really a chance of success, is […]

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Making Use of Your Student Loan Grace Period


Graduating and getting your degree comes with a well-earned sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, it can also come with a buzzkill: the scary realization that you have to start paying off all those student loans. There is one reprieve, though: many loans have a grace period, or a time period – typically six months – between […]

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What to Know About Cosigning a Student Loan

parent plus

Students using private student loans to fund their education often lack the credit history and income required to secure their loans on their own because they may not meet the lender’s underwriting criteria. According to Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at, income and debt-to-income ratio are extremely important factors that banks use to determine […]

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Getting Fiscally Fit: How My Need For Financial Independence Shaped My Career Path

Student loans physical therapy

Sports were an incredibly important part of my life growing up. From a young age, I participated in sporting activities that included cross-country, track, dance, and competition cheerleading. In college, as I started to explore career options, I knew that my chosen profession would need to incorporate my love of health, wellness, and fitness. I […]

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How to Live Your Life While Paying Down Student Debt


The amount of student loan debt that some recent graduates hold has become so high for some that it’s causing them to put major life events on hold. A recent survey by CommonBond, for example, measured the impact of student debt on millennials and found that 69% are delaying buying a home, while 45% are […]

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A Former Personal Banker Shares Her Top Money Management Lessons

Capture (1)

When I turned 22, shortly after completing my undergraduate degree in 2009, I came to a stark realization: I knew very little about money, despite having taken out $138,000 in private student loans to pay for my Bachelors in Psychology from Agnes Scott College, a private university in Atlanta, GA. The extent of what I […]

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