MBA 411: How To Pay For Business School


You probably already know that getting your MBA is going to be expensive, but when it comes time to plan for those expenses, you need to get into the details. Specifically, you need to understand the total cost of business school, how much you can pay out of pocket, and how much you need to […]

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How to Choose the Best MBA Student Loan for You

student loan refinancing

Going back to school for your MBA can cost a pretty penny, so most people will need to explore a number of financial options. Whether you choose federal or private student loans, dipping into your savings, or scholarships, you’ll need a strong financial plan to navigate paying for your MBA. “While it generally pays off […]

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The Presidential Election: The Candidates’ Views On Student Loans


This year’s presidential election is happening at a time when about 70 percent of students are graduating from college in debt. On average, recent college graduates have more than $35,000 in student debt, and there’s more than $1.3 trillion  in student loan debt in the United States. It’s arguable that the candidates’ views on student […]

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My MBA, An Experiment


INTRODUCTION: FACING RISK I left my first job in Bain’s Toronto office three years ago bright-eyed and ready for change. I’d followed the traditional path from undergraduate business school to consulting and felt ready to take a big risk. Sure, I liked my time in consulting, but I had dreams of that perfect job out […]

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Tips to Energize Your Career


For me, hating my job has never been an option. I’ve always been motivated by finding work that excites me and helps me build a career that is fueled by my passions. Early in my career, I was fascinated by the business world and wanted to learn how to drive change within organizations. I was […]

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Next stage for CommonBond: $300M+ in new funding, an acquisition of a great company, and a game-changing “401 (k) platform for student loans”


I am thrilled to announce some big news at CommonBond: we just raised over $300 million in new funding, acquired a student loan management platform, Gradible, and are launching an employer-based student loan repayment platform that allows employers to contribute towards paying down their employees’ student debt. The implications of today’s announcement are many, and […]

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5 Ways to Pull Off a Successful Career Switch

career switch

Maybe you’ve found your true passion, maybe you want a bigger paycheck or maybe you just dislike your current industry. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to make a career change, you’re not alone. Last year, more than one-third of job seekers (34%) switched careers entirely, according to a study by LinkedIn. “Switching roles, if […]

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How to Negotiate a Raise

how to negotiate a raise

Compensation can be a touchy subject — especially if you want more of it. “You should always try to get the most possible, but be honest with yourself about what you deserve for both the type of employee you are, what your history is, and what you’ve done before,” says Mike Jacob, managing partner of […]

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